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Tue Nov 07, 2000 9:36 am

where are all the old aerlingus 747s gone. anybody know
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RE: Aerlingus747

Tue Nov 07, 2000 10:01 am

Aer Lingus 747s are very nice when i flew to Ireland i flew one. FAs are hot and u get excellent food. If u havnt gone on one u hav to!!! it is the best flight i have ever been on!!! AER LINGUS!!!!
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RE: Aerlingus747

Tue Nov 07, 2000 10:08 am

I know a couple of them were scrapped, but I'm not sure if any are left in service. Since they were all 100's I imagine that they are flying cargo, if they're still around.
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RE: Aerlingus747

Tue Nov 07, 2000 10:56 am

I know for sure one has been scrapped, I have seen various pieces of it in photographs.
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RE: Aerlingus747

Tue Nov 07, 2000 3:11 pm

Ok, doing a search on for all Aer Lingus B747s, I found the following in EI colors. And, per Bill Harm's database where they are now:

EI-ASI: Last reg'd as 5N-ZZZ with Kabo Air now stored at ROW

EI-BED: Broken-up at MZJ '96

EI-ASJ: Kabo Air as 5N-AAA

Now thats all the pictures in full Aer Lingus colors. There are several other EI- registered B747's but I don't know if they actually flew for Aer Lingus:


EI-BOS: Evergreen as N479EV

EI-BWF: Polar as N921FT

EI-BZA: Tower Air as N622FF

EI-BTQ: Stored at VCV as N639FE

EI-CEO: Parked at MZJ as N621FF

EI-BPH: Broken up at MZJ as N890FT

EI-BRR: Broken up at MZJ as TF-ABR

EI-CAI: Scrapped at Kemble as G-VMIA

Hope that helps...

Michael M.
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RE: Aerlingus747

Tue Nov 07, 2000 5:59 pm

Most of the Aircraft you mention with Irish registry are planes once beonging to the Irish leasing-company Guiness-Peat (not sure if the spelling is correct).
The 3 747s that served most of their lifetime for Aer Lingus are "dead". As you wrote, EI-BED (originally a Lufthansa 747-130 aquired from Aer Lingus in the late 70s) is broken up, the other two in Kabo Air colours only served very short for that Nigerian airline and are stored (obviously wfu for ever). You´ll find pictures of the stored Kabo Air - 747s on

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