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Cockpits And Simulators

Wed Mar 24, 1999 1:45 am

Its me again! I´m trying to make some kind of a list about the cockpits and simulators in aviation museums around the world. You can buy all kind of books about the museums and their planes but the "small stuff" is something you can´t read about. So I´d like to hear from you! If you have visited some museum and remember seeing cockpits/nose sections/simulators let me know! I´m specially interested in civil planes and transports (Connies, DC-6s,turboprops;DC-8s,caravelles to mention some...) ,in other words: no fighters!


RE: Cockpits And Simulators

Thu Mar 25, 1999 5:40 am

The Aviadome at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has a nose section and cockpit of a Caravelle. A glass plate is put in place where the aft bulkhead in the cockpit used to be allowing for a nice view inside the cokpit. Unfortunately you aren't able to actually go inside it and sit in it.