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A New SST Vs An Updated Super Jumbo

Wed Nov 08, 2000 12:07 pm

What would you prefer to see 20 years from now - A new economical, environmentally friendly, high capacity SST able to cross the Atlantic in an hour, or, a roomier larger wide bodied aircraft capable of holding upwards of 1000 people in relative luxury compared to today's standards but cruising at conventional speeds?

In otherwards should the world push the envelope of speed over enhancing current comfort and incremental technological advancement in conventional aircraft types?
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RE: A New SST Vs An Updated Super Jumbo

Wed Nov 08, 2000 12:52 pm

For sure a SST!! I think that as time progresses people are going faster. and speed means you can get things done sooner and get home sooner. But I don't think that we will see that anytime soon. Also haveing a supertransportor, will be a bad idea. It takes people long enough to get out of a plane as it is. I cannot figure out how the A-3xx is going to be a very safe plane in that terms so I cannot see a higher capicity plane coming into the picture any time soon either.

Just my thoughts

Safety is Everyones Responsibility.
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RE: A New SST Vs An Updated Super Jumbo

Wed Nov 08, 2000 11:40 pm

SST, even if it is still able to cross the Atlantic in 3.5 hours (not in an hour) and has no transpacific range, but is more economically viable / environment friendly than Concorde. We can hardly see it in 20 years with big capacity, but small SSTs with 10-12 seats, both as business jets and in airline regular service... looks quite possible. As for another superJumbo - it will be built if there is a demand for it, but again, it will be the same cramped in economy as present airliners, from 717 to 747.
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RE: A New SST Vs An Updated Super Jumbo

Wed Nov 08, 2000 11:50 pm

While I think it would be fun to travel in the SST, I'd imagine that it would still be very expensive. I'd prefer to have a large jet that would make the cost of traveling overseas inexpesive.