AllianceAircraft/Legacy/Consulttus/Crystal = BS?

Wed Nov 08, 2000 2:49 pm

OK check out this sketchy network.

Legacy Airways is a supposed all jet upstate NY airline. It has no committed financial backers and little in the way of credibility. It, however, has signed agreements with Alliance Aircraft corporation of Portsmouth to buy up to 80 regional jets. Alliance, however, has its own problems. It also has not found any significant finanical backers for its $460 million dollar venture and is having difficulty with the Pease Development Agency over its plans to build an aircraft manufacturing center at the TradePort.
Additionally, the airline's website at was recently shut down and the firm it hired to design a brand and PR campaign has put the domain name up for sale. Additionally, this firm, Consulttus, has retained legal counsel and charged that Legacy has not paid it fees for its service.
Consulttus, however, has not left the airline industry. Just a few weeks ago Consulttus was retained by Tampa startup Crystal Airways to market a campaign for that airline. Crystal is not unlike Legacy. It certainly has its share of problems, once claiming to be as well-funded as JetBlue, and now without any financial backers.

So where does this leave us? BS airline hires BS manufacturer while stiffing consulting firm who has a niche in advising BS companies! Sounds like...........BS

Any additionaly info?

RE: AllianceAircraft/Legacy/Consulttus/Crystal = BS?

Thu Nov 09, 2000 3:21 am

No one knows anything re: the parties above?
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RE: AllianceAircraft/Legacy/Consulttus/Crystal = BS?

Thu Nov 09, 2000 7:20 am


Your summation could well be accurate! I believe that there is actually a connection with the group that this week launched their second offer for TWA. I believe that group is called Global Airlines (Airways?). Same person is behind both companies, airlines that is.

I should be able to source some information over the next few days on that connection and will forward it to you. In the meantime go to the Bloomberg market web page and do a search for TWA. The most recent article should give you a "fair" indication of the "credentials" of this "businessman"

BS all round? Hmmm...can almost smell it from here...


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