FSU Airlines, Best Fleet Choice

Thu Nov 09, 2000 6:02 am

I just want to know your opinions on whether developing FSU airlines should launch a fleet modernization plan with new Russian types, or Western types. Lets take Uzbekistan Airways, one of the more prosperous FSU airlines, they have A310s and 767, and I believe a few RJ85s. Now lets say Uzbekistan wanted to launch a major fleet modernization program to replace IL-62s, Tu-154s, Yak-40s, and An-24s. Would Uzbekistan be better off obtaining New Generation Russian types, such as the Tu-204, Tu-334, to replace Tu-154s, IL-62s, Yak40s, and An24s. Or would Uzbekistan be better off purchasing Western types such as the 737,717, A320, CRJ, DHC-8-Q, etc.
Now I just used Uzbekistan as an example, this could be any FSU countrys airline. And the western types dont have to be brand new models, they could be 737-200s, or MD-80s.
Rgds, The King of the 767,
Mr. T