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Index Of Abbreviations

Sat Nov 11, 2000 3:19 am

I think it would be helpful if Airliners.net had some sort of index for all the abbreviations people use on this forum. I've figured out most but not all of them just from the context of the sentence and the topic, but some others I can't quite figure out. Can anybody out there help or add other abbreviations with definitions? Thanks. I could find a few posts in the archives on this topic, but nothing really extensive. I think an index would be helpful for new members on this forum.

Here are the ones that I "think" are correct. Please correct me/add some. Thanks!

FOD = Foreign Object Debris (things that may puncture a plane's tire and cause a close election in the United States, thereby leading to a famine in the Horn of Africa)

MTOW = Maximum Take Off Weight (add some straw, break the camel's back)

ETOPS = Extended Twin-engine Operations (rolling the dice on a dive into the Pacific Ocean)

LOL = Laugh out loud? Little ol' lie?

O&D = ?????

Non-Rev = Non-Revenue passenger (all the peanuts you can eat for free)

IMO = In My Opinion (I have no facts to back this up)

IMHO = In My [Humble/Honest/Horrible] Opinion (I don't have first hand information, but my neighbor is friends with someone at XYZ airline, who heard a rumour that the CEO farted while boarding a flight, which means that XYZ airline will buy the biggest hAirbusH plane over that BoeRing plane, but will trade them in 2 years later for a massive fleet of Cessna 172s)

BTW = By The Way (You're wrong, jerk, and here's more proof! Ha, I feel so superior now!!!)

  = I'm making fun of your last post, so please don't blast me.

   , etc = I have way too much time on my hands; must be a government holiday . . .

Any more?