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Candair Regional Jet

Sat Nov 11, 2000 6:25 pm

Has my first flight on a Candair Regional Jet (50) seats, not sure what it is called, from Canberra to Brisbane.

The aircraft looks nice, but is very cramped with four abreast seating.There is a lot of noise from the wheeels when taxing, but the performance is something else.
Got to Brisbane a lot quicker than the BAE 146 which I usuallty take.

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RE: Canadair Regional Jet

Sat Nov 11, 2000 7:24 pm

Flow Kendell, eh?

The BAe146 basically the slowest of all jets, with a average cruising speed somewhere in the region of M0.67 - the SAAB 2000 is actually faster. Don't believe what the airline mags tell you, 780km/h is not BAe 146 normal speed. Somewhere in the region of 700km/h or less.

In comparison, the CRJ would be flying that route somewhere in the region of M0.74-0.77, significantly faster. CBR-BNE isn't a very long sector (long being MEL-LAX), so there wouldn't be that significant a time difference.

It's a nice looking plane, cabin is small though. It's ok for short hops.

Performance wise, even though it a very impressive power loading on paper, most of the engines are only rated for that at 0°C, some at 15°C. Couple with a nice derate, it's only average at best, IMHO. You need pretty high Vspeeds as well in the CRJ, from my experience on MEL-LST.