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What Is The Smallest DC-9 Version

Mon Nov 13, 2000 7:31 am

As the topic states, what is the smallest (shortest) DC-9. Also is the smallest DC-9 the same size as the new 717? I think the DC-9 would make a pretty cool personal aircraft, yet large enough for my entire family. What is the range on the DC-9. Could it make it across the pond in one stop for fuel? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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RE: What Is The Smallest DC-9 Version

Mon Nov 13, 2000 7:34 am

I believe the largest DC-9 is the DC-9-10. The 717 is larger than this, and CRJ, is slightly smaller. The 717 is the size of the DC-9-30. I'm not sure about its range but I doubt it can go over the Atlantic without refueling.

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RE: What Is The Smallest DC-9 Version

Mon Nov 13, 2000 7:47 am

Well, the DC-9 spured on an entire family, which includes the DC-9, MD-80, MD-90, and MD-95 (717).

The DC-9-10 is the smallest version of this family. In a single class configuration it carries 80 with a range with max payload at 570nm. The B717-100 will be slightly larger than the DC-9-10. I believe the B717-100 will actually be closer to the DC-9-20, a version with the -10's fusealage and the -30's wings and engines.

The way to get across the atlantic with 1 stop with the shortest legs are Gander-Reykjavik-Shannon. Gander-Reykjavik is 1390nm. Gander-Shannon nonstop is 1738nm. So, theretically, a DC-9-30, 9-40, 9-50, MD-81 and B717-200 with typical loads could make it 1 stop. The MD-82, -83, -87, -88, and -90-30 could make it nonstop. This excludes ETOPS and all of those other things. The DC-9-10 and 9-20 could not make it with a typical load.

The models in this family are:
MD-81 (DC-9-81)
MD-82 (DC-9-82)
MD-83 (DC-9-83)
MD-87 (DC-9-87)
B717-200 (MD-95-30)
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RE: What Is The Smallest DC-9 Version

Mon Nov 13, 2000 7:48 am

A DC-9-10 could make it over the pond, if you stopped in YQX and KEF...but probably not only with one stop. BH346 is right about the size, the -10 is still the smallest.

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RE: What Is The Smallest DC-9 Version

Wed Nov 15, 2000 8:21 am

Hugh Heffner, president of Playboy, had a very famous all black exec DC-9 in the 1970's called "The Black Bunny". The colour scheme was so smart, it has turned up on other aircraft, such as US Navy F-4 Phantoms!
Ely Lilly Inc. also operated a biz jet DC-9.

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