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Engines On China Airl. 744s

Tue Nov 14, 2000 2:49 am

Why did China Airlines, whose passenger 747-400s are propelled by PW-engines, change to GE on their new Freighters (I don´t mean the two leased from Atlas)?
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RE: Engines On China Airl. 744s

Tue Nov 14, 2000 3:14 am

This has happened on a few rare occasions, for example UPS on the 757 and BA on the 777 - not forgetting Qantas on 767s; it's most likely due to a very good offer from the competing manufacturer. It could also be due to some dissatisfaction, although the former is more likely. (Other airlines don't seem to have had too many problems).
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RE: Engines On China Airl. 744s

Tue Nov 14, 2000 4:08 am

KaiTak is correct, CAL got a very good deal from GE and they went with it. CAL historically has been a very loyal PW customer since it's foundation in 1959. Off the side, I'm very interested to see who will get the A330 engine order, which BTW is expected to be firmed up and rumors say they may add additional numbers of A330's to that order.


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