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Photos At Madrid?

Tue Nov 14, 2000 7:58 pm

Hi there!

Does anybody know whether there are any good photograph locations either in or around Madrid - Barajas airport?

Also, how regular are the movements - is it pretty busy, say like Paris or somewhere similar?!

Thanks in advance! I'd be really grateful for any information you could provide me with on this topic.

Write back soon!


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RE: Re:- Photos At Madrid?

Tue Nov 14, 2000 8:21 pm

Busy yes, but not so busy as LHR, FRA or CDG of course. And there are far less widebody-movements. I once spend a hole afternoon on a parking lot underneath the approaching airplanes without a single B747 or A340, not to talk about a 777 landing. Expect loads of Iberia A320s, MD80s, A300s, B727s, B757s. And the ugly and boring painted Spanair and Air Europa aircraft. No 777s at all I´ve seen. There are two Aerolineas Argentinas Jumbos each day. I saw them but couldn´t photograph them.
Photo points: I´m no expert here, but possible and not to bad spots are besides the motorway (there are parallel delivery roads underneath the approach) leading out of Madrid shortly before Torrejon de Ardoz. I found no photopoints on the airport itself.
Mornings are better than afternoons. Thats for sure.