Aa Md-80

Thu Mar 25, 1999 11:48 pm

if AA had to replace all their md-80s [ i am NOT saying that they will] what plane do you think they would chose? i would say the B737-800 or possibly A319/320.

What are your thoughts?
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RE: Aa Md-80

Thu Mar 25, 1999 11:56 pm

Their current "boeing only" programme would ensure that it is some
plane from the 737 series. But I really don't see that happening
too soon. It would be pretty tought to get rid of the 260 MD80s in
their fleet without proper planning. A good replacement will be
a 717 stretch ... from what I understand AA is pretty darn happy
with the md80 unlike their dissatisfaction with the MD11.
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RE: Aa Md-80

Fri Mar 26, 1999 1:44 am

When American replaces its Super 80 fleet, which will have to happen eventually because AA won't allow its fleet to age as much as certain other airlines have, I think it will be with the 737-800. I think this for two reasons. First, they are only about 10 seats larger than the Super 80 (150 vs. 139 in the AA configuration), so it would not be a lot of extra capacity to add. Secondly, American took purchase rights for some 350-400 737-800's... obviously a move intended to be able to buy those to replace the MD-80's, as this is the only aircraft that tehy operate such a large fleet of. One last reason just came to mind... they are currently deciding whether to redo QQ's fleet to AA standards or to leave them as is. If they leave them as they are, they will be returning the planes as their leases expire and replacing them with, you guessed it, brand new 737-800's. It may take a while to replace to 260 Super 80's, but eventually it will happen, and I think the 738 will be the replacement.
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RE: Aa Md-80

Fri Mar 26, 1999 3:04 am

737-800 or 737-500
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RE: Aa Md-80

Sat Mar 27, 1999 9:49 am

Hi how are you? It's nearly 2 AM here in Brussels.

I would say the 737-600 or 700 because they have, in addition to the 100 737-800's on firm order, 400NG 737's on option! The 737-800's are replacing the last 727's still in service. I'm certain that they will choose the NG737 over the A320 because they have decided to go for an all Boeing fleet.

What do you mean they won't replace the MD-80's? OK I agree those are still young but it's time to start thinking of their replacement. You'll see that in the middle of the 2000's American is gonna start phasing them out. It is possible that they buy more 757's but I'm sure that most of the Super 80's will be replaced with NG737's.

Have a good night.

Ben Soriano
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