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Old Airline Timetables For Sale

Wed Nov 15, 2000 4:46 pm

I thought this subject came up here a few months ago. I did a search and nothing turned up so i guess i was wrong. What i trhought i saw is this. My father is in poor health and in a nursing home. I have started to clean out his house and his collection of old airline timetables is very extensive. some of them dating back to the 50s, 60s etc. I thought i read in here that someone had auctioned some of their old timetables at ebay, does that seems like the best place to go to sell them? Has anybody here had any experience with seeling anything airline related at ebay? Any comments you can give are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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RE: Old Airline Timetables For Sale

Wed Nov 15, 2000 8:07 pm

Depending on what he has in his collection and their condition they could be worth a lot.
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RE: Old Airline Timetables For Sale

Wed Nov 15, 2000 11:49 pm

Not..My wife has had a lot of fun buying and selling on Ebay. great site.

I have looked at and bought some airline & rail stuff on there. If you have some real valuable stuff, yopu might want to get it appraised before putting the minimum bid prices on each item. Pics are almost a must now for items to sell.

You might want to ask your Dad first if he wants to enjoy re-reading them before you sell them. In any event, good luck And best wishes for your dad.
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RE: Old Airline Timetables For Sale

Thu Nov 16, 2000 12:30 am

Which ones does he have?
Can you list them?

I collect timetables and might be interested in purchasing some of them. I have over 3000 timetables in my collection.

You can e-mail me at:


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RE: Old Airline Timetables For Sale

Thu Nov 16, 2000 3:28 am


Is he only getting rid of timetables, or does he have other items such as slides and photos?

I might have interest for these!

E-mail me at: Airguytwo@aol.com


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RE: Old Airline Timetables For Sale

Fri Nov 17, 2000 9:40 am

Go to both of these



and type "timetable", or "timetables", or "schedule", or "schedules" into the Search box. You'll see what other timetables are going for.

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