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The DC-9/MD-80...a Survivor?

Thu Nov 16, 2000 4:47 am

If and when USAirways and United become United (no pun intended), will the DC-9's and MD-80's be phased out? What about the 737's?

I do not want to start another "Good idea? Bad Idea?" discussion, but UA has been famouse for having 777's on domestic, some even SHORT domestic flights, and if they get all those MD-80's, DC-9's, and 737's, I'll rarely get to fly a wide body,. as a I rarely fly internationaly! That is the reason I fly UA! The widebodies!


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RE: The DC-9/MD-80...a Survivor?

Thu Nov 16, 2000 8:25 am

Whether or not the merger will take place, US Airways will phase out the DC-9's and MD-80's. US Airways already planned to get rid of those types, the 737-200 as well, they'll probably park them on the desert. United and US Airways will find themselves in the longrun with B737-300/400/500(no NG!), A319/A320 and B757. But you will have a chance to fly on a widebody even if you fly only domestic, you'll have a chance to fly on the B767 or B777.

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RE: The DC-9/MD-80...a Survivor?

Thu Nov 16, 2000 10:57 am

I agree with Ben. US was and is well on its way to unloading those planes, with or without the merger. The 737-200's are all being sold off, retired, or transferred to MetroJet. The DC-9's are Allegheny vintage, and the MD-80's are old PSA stock, so they are getting pretty long in the tooth. Look for many of them to go to DCAir-assuming that debacle actually makes the transition from paper to airplane (and I don't think it's more than a real long shot anyway). If this deal gets derailed (like I think it will be), then look for all three types to be retired within the next 5 years, being gradually replaced with Airbus A318-21's, and maybe (BIG maybe) some 717's.