737NG Comfortable

Fri Mar 26, 1999 2:43 am

As I said in my last post I have just taken two very nice Continental flights. What I left out was that both flights, 6 hours one way and 5 the other, were operated on the 737-800. Maybe it was that the planes were new but it certainly did not feel like the other 737s I have been on. The new interiors made the cabin feel very spacious and nicer than the 757s I have been on. The LCD video monitors that pop down in front of you every few rows, like A320s, are much nicer than those TVs in the isles of most 757s. Flying the 737NG on a 6 hour flight was very comfortable and the fact that other 737s may not be very comfortable should not stop anyone from taking the NG models on long flights. Of course the only drawback is that it is a narrow body but as far as narrow bodys go the 737-800 was great? Any comments?

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737NG Comfortable

Fri Mar 26, 1999 7:15 am

Yes, i would have to agree. I also tried the new 737s on continental, and delta. Continetals were much better than delta's. I give the new 737s a tick. As much of an Airbus support that i am, i have no problem with the next lot of 737s, which should have a long run, and is a good product.
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RE: 737NG Comfortable

Fri Mar 26, 1999 8:45 am

I have never once noticed the fuselage difference between those two types. It is the seat pitch that matters more for me.
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Fri Mar 26, 1999 8:51 am

I heard from a SW employee that the seats on the NG's are smaller (width wise). Is this true?



RE: Meb

Fri Mar 26, 1999 8:57 am

If they were smaller I did not notice it. Anyway the fuselage is the same so I don't know why they would be.
In any case the seats and the entire interior were very nice.