Silly Question

Fri Nov 17, 2000 2:16 am

Where can I find pictures of customer service agents at work/ticket counters with passengers lined up, etc.?


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RE: Silly Question

Fri Nov 17, 2000 2:42 am

That's not a silly question at all. Unfortunately, I've never heard of anyone on this forum talking about those kind of pictures. So, if you want them you can A) take them yourself, B) Post a request in the photo request section, or C) Both A and B.
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RE: Silly Question

Fri Nov 17, 2000 6:00 am

Try Lufthansa photo gallery:

Click "Press counter", then "Photo gallery", then select "Passenger service" from the upper drop-down list. Hope this helps.

May be other airline homepages have it too.

RE: Silly Question

Fri Nov 17, 2000 6:20 am

I know it's a weird request, I just need it to brighten up a paper I'm doing which feature Airline Customer Service...I found one on the US Airways site.

Now, I need picture of rampers tossing bags too, but I have some of those stashed away somewhere... 


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