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777 Interior On 767s

Fri Nov 17, 2000 2:44 am

I was wondering, now that the new 777 interior has been adopted on the 767s, will this become a standard feature; that is, from now on , will all 767s (-200/-300/-400) automatically have the new interior, or will it be a special option that airlines can choose.

I've never travelled on a 767 with the revised interior, but one major problem I have with the current 767 interiors is that for a plane that size, the overhead bins are way too small. Nothing ever fits


RE: 777 Interior On 767s

Fri Nov 17, 2000 9:16 am

Well I dont know what you are talking about with the overheads being too small, there fine with me. All seried -400s will be manufactured with the updated interior, and cockpit, but on the -300, it will be an option. Airlines can also have their -200s, and -300 with the old interior upgraded to the new.