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Arizona Flight Schools

Fri Nov 17, 2000 4:24 pm

Just wanted to know if anyone has any info on a good flgiht school in Arizona? I already have a degree so I need a school that I can attend just to become a commercial pilot. Any info would be great!
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RE: Arizona Flight Schools

Sat Nov 18, 2000 12:32 am

I can safely say DON'T go to Double Eagle in Tucson. That place is a sham. I went there to get my "2 day multi engine rating". I took about 23 days by the time I was done because they never had an aircraft available. Two of the Twin Commanches were down for maintenence, and the owner took the other for a few weeks. They had a perfectly serviceable Seneca sitting there, but I was never offered the chance to use that, despite my requests. All the while I was paying a hotel bill and had to pay for meals 3 times a day, etc. The cost was amazing, and all they could say was "oh well... sorry!" It was a total joke...
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RE: Arizona Flight Schools

Sat Nov 18, 2000 12:36 am

Theres Embry Riddel, but you already have a degree, they may offer just fying courses, you'll have to look into that. If youre German, theres the Lufthansa flight school.

Since you already have a degree why not go to Flight Safety in Florida?

Just a suggestion.

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