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Airbus Funding

Fri Mar 26, 1999 6:32 am

Per comments earlier by NYC Intl and respondents to his topic, Airbus partners have received substantial funds from their respective governments, period. As a matter of fact, Airbus partners are in the process of putting together a request to their governments for over $100 million dollars U.S. for A3XX research. Dream on anyone who thinks Aerosptiale, Daimler-Chrysler, British Aerospace and Casa are going to eat the $10-$15 Billion dollar development cost. Is there truly anyone out there who believes they will?

RE: Airbus Funding

Fri Mar 26, 1999 7:21 am

i suspect that the a3xx will remain right where it is... on the drawing board. i just read that SQ would be interested in purchasing but only a limited number (unknown what that number is) if you included a few from every major... airbus will not even recover their R & D... let alone be profitable on the type. with airbus going public soon... they will have to answer to "legitamate" share holders and i cannot see where such a program will be favored by those shareholders looking for a quick return. certainly, the asian economic downtown has clearly cast a shadow on the project as well...
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RE: Airbus Funding

Sat Mar 27, 1999 12:22 am

What a silly question Navion.
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RE: Airbus Funding

Sat Mar 27, 1999 2:46 am

I agree with Seat 1a. The A3XX will remain on the drawing board.
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