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S**t Falling From The Sky

Sat Nov 18, 2000 4:29 am

From Fox News: (Kind of makes you think that Continental's DC10 pieces aren't that bad)
LONDON — If you thought rain, floods and tornadoes were as bad as it got, think again.
U.K. citizens are being warned of a record number of "ice-bombs" this year. That's the polite name for falling frozen effluent. A Member of Parliament has discovered alarming numbers of the unsavory missiles, formed from waste water released from planes, are striking the earth.
-'Lives at Risk' -
And Jenny Tonge, Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond — which is in flight paths for Heathrow Airport — warns that lives may be lost.
One of her constituents was nearly killed walking home, she said, and a primary school had also escaped from a near miss.
Dr. Tonge has obtained Civil Aviation Authority figures showing there have been 36 recorded ice-bombs so far this year.
-Foreign Planes Blamed-
This is already more than in the whole of 1999 and threatens to surpass the 1997 record of 37.
Dr. Tongue wants the British aviation authority to tighten its safety standards.
The problem was largely linked to foreign carriers, which were not bound by the same safety conditions as British airlines.
"It is about time that the Civil Aviation Authority insisted that foreign aircraft using British airports follow the same stringent checks on their water systems as our own airlines," she said.
-Frozen Body-
According to the figures, there were also 21 other incidents of "falling objects" from planes.
Dr. Tonge said that in 1998 the frozen body of a stowaway fell from a plane on to what is now a supermarket in her constituency.
She said that despite the Civil Aviation Authority's previous promises to tighten safety, 57 objects from planes have hit the U.K. this year.