Can Anybody Help Me?

Sat Nov 18, 2000 9:06 am

I'm trying to track down what happened to two aircraft, including the first plane I ever flew in: a (then) RAF DH Chipmunk T10.

This aircraft was registered as WB654 and was painted as aircraft No. 11 of No. 10 AEF, RAF Woodvale, Merseyside, England. Also, aircraft No. 13, WB900 -- which I also had a few of my initial flights in, would be greatly appreciated. They're now inevitably in private hands somewhere around the world (Chippies were retired from UK military service a couple of years ago).

Any information at all relating to these aircraft (including photos) would be greatly appreciated -- please email me at I'm training for my ATPL now so as you can imagine, I look back at my flights in these planes with great nostalia now!

Thanks in advance!