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Re: Ansett Takeover.

Fri Mar 26, 1999 8:02 am

Hi.....sorry we didn't answer sooner but we were out until late last night.

As far as the sale of Ansett is concerned I honestly don't know how to express my feelings on the subject. It has been on the cards for a long time now, so it really was just a matter of time before it was definite. When I worked at Ansett it was mentioned constantly for at least the last few years that one day we would be owned by a combination of ANZ and Singapore. Both these airlines would love to have access to domestic routes in Australia, and this is the quickest way.

What I would be concerned about, naturally, if I still worked there, is what changes would apply to my job conditions. We have very good conditions for cabin crew in Australia as we are still in a union, but there have been rumblings for many years that this would change and F/A's would end up on contracts. To be honest, the union's strength has been diminishing a lot over the years anyway. The speaker for Singapore Airlines said yesterday that there would be no changes made as far as the current employees are concerned, as it is an Australian airline and they would like to keep the Australian feeling. I think we will have to wait until after the Olympic Games to see how true this statement is.
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Re: Ansett Takeover.

Fri Mar 26, 1999 8:55 am

It could be for the good...and for the bad. At least the takeover (it is happening, correct?) will be done by two VERY fine and prestegious airlines.