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Thoughts On Gulf Air

Sat Nov 18, 2000 2:50 pm

Hello everyone,

I am going to London from Melbourne, Australia, flying on Gulf Air in December. The tickets were obtained at a fair price, and I was just wondering what the airline is like in terms of in-flight service, aircraft/fleet and value for money. The aircraft to be used is an A340-300 & A330-200. Are they a good airline? Would you fly them??

Thanks heaps

PS. What is Bahrain and Abu Dhabi like??
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RE: Thoughts On Gulf Air

Sat Nov 18, 2000 7:03 pm

Gulf Air service is pretty average - what class are you flying. If it's biz or first, the new seats in the A330 are fantastic.

A330 has PTVs in econ, and nose and belly cameras which are very cool.

Bahrain Airport is much nicer than AUH. It has the best Duty Free in the world, for example. According to the Frontier Marketing awards in Cannes every year.
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RE: Thoughts On Gulf Air

Sun Nov 19, 2000 3:12 am

gulf is excellent. i flew with them on my first overseas trip in 1994. it was boeing 767 from johannesbourg to abu dhabi. then another 767 to bahrain from abu dhabi. & then we were suppose to get another 767 to bombay from abu dhabi, but we were a party of six & they only booked us as 5 & then we had to wait for the next flight. bad choice, very bad as the next plane was a L1011. it was the worst flight of life. but gulf air service is excellent. they treat u like kings escpecially in the front of the bird.pity they dont fly to joburg no more....

RE: Thoughts On Gulf Air

Sun Nov 19, 2000 4:33 am

Sorry to barge in-Eg777 please could you send us a mail ASAP? Cheers (address is what is required.)
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RE: Thoughts On Gulf Air

Sun Nov 19, 2000 7:42 am

Hi MS861

have posted many many GF articles. Use the search function if you article.

Rgds Amir

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