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Thai Airways Food Query

Sun Nov 19, 2000 2:30 am

does any one here know if Thai airways serve Thai food on their international flights, in tousrist class, is it as good as restaurant food 
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RE: Thai Airways Food Query

Sun Nov 19, 2000 3:34 am

I've only flown Thai once BKK-DEL, so I'm not an expert on Thai's food service. But the food on that flight was not Thai. It was a sort of nondescript chicken in some kind of brown sauce. It came with a potato salad that wasn't very good. People seem to like Thai's food service though, so perhaps they have better meals on longer Transpac flights. And considering that more than 3/4 of the people on the flight had special vegetarian meals (considering the destination) it could be that not too much effort was put into the non-veg selection.
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RE: Thai Airways Food Query

Sun Nov 19, 2000 5:39 am

My sisters flew AKL-SYD. They had a selection of Pork or Chicken. The Chicken was done in thai style but the pork was english. My sister didnot eat any of these meats. So the flight attendants gave her a business class meal. She said it was really nice just like Thai food usually is and how it tasted in the restaurants.
Why do you ask? Are you going them? If so where to?
hope this helps.
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RE: Thai Airways Food Query

Sun Nov 19, 2000 8:34 am

The food i have experienced on Thai was not really Thai food but for a regular meal in Coach it was way above average! the selection was fine, good ingredients, very good done and enough in quantity. I was imrpressed that the main course was in China!

The flights im refering to:

FRA-BKK in 744 in 1994
BKK-HKT in 1996
BKK-Chiang Mai 1996
HKG-BKK 1995
BKK-ZRH March 2000

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RE: Thai Airways Food Query

Sun Nov 19, 2000 7:51 pm

Airnewzealand Helo,

im considering taking TG on my trip to Los Angeles next year and Thai food would be the only attraction, other wise i have better options with Cathay Pacific which has the shortest connection time and is the second best Asian airline,Singapore airlines has legendary service and Malaysia airlines is offering the cheapest fare with free over night stay at the Pan Pacific hotel in Kuala Lumpur both ways 

p.s and all three have ptvs.
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RE: Thai Airways Food Query

Sun Nov 19, 2000 8:25 pm

Thai serves both Thai food and "Western" food. On some routes they also serve Japanese and Chinese food (Trans-Pacific, Intra-Asian). You get to choose from two entrees.

If you go to you can get an example of what they might serve. I hear it´s usually pretty good.

RE: Thai Airways Food Query

Tue Nov 21, 2000 4:39 am

Hi folks,

Being a native of Thailand, I've had the opportunity to fly Thai many times. I would say that 99% of all Thai flights FROM Bangkok will most definitely have a Thai variety as a choice. Sometimes, the menu may vary on sectors originating from cities other than Bangkok.

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RE: Thai Airways Food Query

Tue Nov 21, 2000 12:19 pm

My wife and i flew on Thai last FEB for our honeymoon to Phuket,Thailand. We flew out of LAX to BKK with stop over at NRT and beleive me the food was EXCELLENT, my wife after a while didnt enjoy the smell throught the entire 744, but i sincerely recommend it, then we flew from BKK-to PHUKET on a 777-300, i couldnt beleive it, but true, and for an 1 hour flight they gave us something Thai, but said no to that.

Hope this is of some help!

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RE: Thai Airways Food Query

Wed Nov 22, 2000 3:36 am


I travel the BKK-LAX annually. If the choice was between Malaysian and TG, I'd go with Malaysian for Eco class. I travel biz tho, and thai biz is GREAT as the food is absolutely incredible!