EgyptAir 990 Hearing

Sun Nov 19, 2000 8:07 pm

I understand a hearing on EgyptAir 990 is coming up in December....was wondering everyone's thoughts on this. Is the NTSB coming out with the long-suspected "suicide" theory on this accident? Or do they have some evidence pointing to a mechanical failure of the elevator system? I read the entire CVR transcript and it looks odd to me.....not mechanical definitely.
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RE: EgyptAir 990 Hearing

Mon Nov 20, 2000 12:56 am

This is an interesting topic. I was speaking with a person of Arabic descent the other day and he "confirmed" for me that the incident had been a mechanical failure. He assured me that all the investigations had concluded that it was NOT pilot suicide. Little did he know my knowledge in the field of aviation... However, I was very intrigued by his opinion and "played stupid".
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RE:(modesto) EgyptAir 990 Hearing

Mon Nov 20, 2000 2:20 am

What we get in the media is not always the truth or
the entire facts that real insiders have access to.
There are some who decide what the public should know know and what they shouldn't.
What really happened to TW800 is still everyone's
speculation. PA103 files aren't closed yet, even after
more than 10 years. Doesn't that make you think?
And by the way, SR111, are you really sure what
happened to it even when you say you are in the field?
Just my humble thoughts,

RE: EgyptAir 990 Hearing

Mon Nov 20, 2000 3:13 am

That's funny, I read the entire transcript too on the famous airdisaster website and was under the impression that it was indeed something mechanical, and not suicidal. I guess everyone interprets it in their own way!!!