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Tom Hanks-"Castaway"- FedEx

Tue Nov 21, 2000 4:01 am


Anyone see the preview for the upcoming Tom Hanks movie "Castaway?" From the sneak peak I saw, it appears Hanks is the star, and a crippled Fed Ex MD-11 throws him onto a desert island.

The crash scenes look very frightening and realistic.

I wonder if Fed Ex cares that their namesake being tossed into the sea. I wonder how much they were paid for the use of their trademarks? And, any coincidence that an MD-11 is used?

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RE: Tom Hanks-"Castaway"- FedEx

Tue Nov 21, 2000 4:16 am

FedEx was quite happy to have its name used in the movie. We've been told fedex payed nothing to get its name used... howver they did give the production free shipping and use of aircraft for filming and even moving the productyion equipment to the south pacific. I've seen the preview and in reality some of the things don't look very accurate.. but hey, its hollywood.
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