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EDS.com Rules Man.... So Does Dennis Miller :-)

Tue Nov 21, 2000 2:02 pm

OK.... I'm watching the Skins and Rams game tonight and on comes this commercial.....

You all remember the commercial with the "cat wranglers".... you know.... the ranchers out wrangling up the cats.... thousands of them!!

Well, EDS.com has come out with a new commercial featuring... yep, you guessed it.....

Guys building a plane..... not impressed?...... IN FLIGHT!!

Hilarious, these guys are riveting sheets to the body and souding off the structure why the 767/777 type body is flying above the clouds. Humerous comments are being said by the different workers.....

There are even passengers in the back..... One guy has coffee spraying in his face from the F/A. (it's an air at 500 miles an hour thing I guess)

Keep your eyes open for this one.... North America only as the type does not seem to appear like any Airbus I know....  

Meanwhile..... Dennis Miller, that guy is cool too.... back to the game.

Ya know something, To my American cousins..... A "Chad" to me was a kid I remember in grade 3 that bullied me for my milk money!

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RE: EDS.com Rules Man.... So Does Dennis Miller :-)

Tue Nov 21, 2000 2:19 pm

lol I saw the commercial during the game too. I think the cat commercial was a masterpiece. The a/c looked like a 757 to me.

Aaron G.