A&E Airport Special

Tue Nov 21, 2000 2:20 pm

Did anyone in here see the A&E special on Monday November 20th at 9pm they mainly talked about how bad the delays are and how passenger arent given enough info when flights are delayed or cancelled and also on how to help the congection they also talk about the hub and spoke system.

I personally think to help congestion they nedd to have the government step in and have airline devide up the flight between local airports with in certian areas IE

I live near YYZ at YHM and it would be a lot easier for people to come to YHM if you live south of YYZ so if half the flight were split inbetween the 2 airports it would help congestion its kind of like it LGA and NWR closed and all that traffic had to fly into JFK or is MDW close and all traffic was at ORD I think this is what should happen with YHM and YYZ. I know for a fact that there are people in the fourm who would disagree but this is my personal opinion. scince westjet came to YHM I think they have kicked started this( I also hope)

P.S. I Think this is the longest message I have written.