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757-200ERX Engines

Wed Nov 22, 2000 6:17 am

Will the engine be more powerful to accomadate the extra fuel? Everyone knows that the 757 is overpowered but this is a nice feature and it also allows the 757 to take off from shorter that average runways. Surely Boeing would like to keep this?

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RE: 757-200ERX Engines

Wed Nov 22, 2000 7:09 am

i think it will have the same engines as the standard 752. The extra fuel tanks will be in what is the cargo- compartment on the regular 752, and the max take-off weight will be roughly the same.
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RE: 757-200ERX Engines

Wed Nov 22, 2000 10:18 am

Actually I was under the impression the 41,000 lbs thrust RB211's on the 752 were being uprated to 43,000 lbs thrust on the 753.
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RE: 757-200ERX Engines

Wed Nov 22, 2000 8:58 pm

Our RB211's at CO are rated at 42.7k of thrust. Not sure if this is an option or a standard for this engine.

The 753's we are getting wil have identical engines so we are told. CO will not be getting the ER model as of now. Rumour has it there will be more 753's coming than the initial 15.