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"I'll Be Back" Bahf C-97(377)STRATOCRUISER Airborn

Thu Nov 23, 2000 12:26 am

Her name is "DELIVERANCE" and the painting is now complete. She now will be ferried flight home to the EAST coast in the N.J./NYC area to the hangar.There the work will begin on the design Of the interior for the Cold War Museum & exibit.She will join the OTHER museum the C-54 Skymaster owned and operated by the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation. When completed the STRAT will be attending Special Aviation Events and be on the Airshow Circuit for all to see.All support is welcomed to help preserve this very rare Proptransport once dubbed "Queen of the Skies"
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RE: "I'll Be Back" Bahf C-97(377)STRATOCRUISER Airborn

Thu Nov 23, 2000 2:18 am

Hi Mr. Jim Reed!

It is for me a great joy to see your post. I always loved to see airplanes preserved and this C-97 is for a special "rare" bird to be preserved. Actually I just finnished reading a book regarding the Biafra War and see how involved was the C-97 in the air bridge from S. Tome to Uli airfield. The only time I've seen a real C-97 was 2 years ago when I visited Castle Air Force Base Museum, the plane looked great and I wish I was old enough to see those planes in Lisbon, but unfortunetly since I remember I don't recall seeing any "Strat".
I wish you the best in this great task, unfortunetly I'm too far away to help but if for any reason one day you fly with that beauty "over the pond" to Europe and you want to stop at Faro Airport I can always have a place to stay in our farm!
The best for the great task!
J. Laneiro
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