US Airways Terminal At LGA. Insight?

Thu Nov 23, 2000 2:28 am

The US Airways terminal at LGA is gorgeous and fairly new (8 years), but I have a few questions.

Wasn't the terminal originally built for Continental? I have an image in my head of a CO banner hanging over it during its construction.

Who financed its construction?

What was there before it?

When was the shuttle terminal (originally Trump) built?

Before the terminal, where was US at LGA?

Thank you
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RE: US Airways Terminal At LGA. Insight?

Thu Nov 23, 2000 9:14 am

Prior to October 1992 when the US Air Terminal opened, the airline operated from what is now the United Airlines
finger in the main passenger terminal with some spillover
into the American Airlines terminal. All US Air and Express flights were operating from the main terminal.

The Shuttle Terminal was built by Eastern Airlines in
the late 1970's and was designed to house Eastern
Air Shuttle Operations. To my knowledge, Continental
did not finance what eventually ended up being the
US Airways terminal given that they were in Chapter
11 for the second time in 1990. However, it is likely
that Eastern might have been planning to terminal
and Eastern and Continental were sister carriers for
a while under the Texas Air banner from 1988 to
1990 when Eastern folded. So, it is possible that
CO inherited the project and abandoned it in favor
of developing Newark into a hub, the operations
it acquired from PeoplExpress.

The US Airways Terminal is indeed the prettiest
and most airy terminal at the otherwise awful
LGA Airport. It is spacious and well appointed,
given the lack of space at the airport and it is
a decent enough place to spend the hours you
often encounter experiencing delays when you
fly out of LGA.

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RE: US Airways Terminal At LGA. Insight?

Thu Nov 23, 2000 11:28 am

There was a Eastern Airlines hangar on the site before the new terminal,the original tennents were to be Eastern and Continental.

After Eastern shut down Continental aquired their Laguardia routes in '91,a year later the slots were sold to US Air and as part of the deal Us Air took over the lease of the new Terminal which was about to open at the time.
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