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STR Runway Extension

Fri Nov 24, 2000 11:41 pm

Hi everybody,

in our local newspaper I`ve read that besides the new terminal that is being built at the moment they also want to extend the runway (3345m) to the east.
Another option is to built a new runway which seems to be unlikely to me. In the article it says, there was enough space to extend the runway between highway A8 and the airport. I don`t think the extension will be too long because if you land on Rwy 25 or drive by on the highway, you can see clearly that there isn`t a lot of space left. Does anybody (maybe 737-700 or other guys in the STR area) have some information on that?

Thanks, Johannes

RE: STR Runway Extension

Sat Nov 25, 2000 12:11 am

Hi Johannes,

I've heard numerous rumors about that as well. But to be honest I highly doubt there will ever be a second runway at STR-Echterdingen.
There's jst hardly any space and if you consider how many years it took to get the extension to the now existing 3345m runway ....
As for me I'd love to see runway 25 getting an extension to the east and I know there were quite some people yelling for it so that STR can handle nonstop transatlantics in summer for any type of aircraft.
Hope we are gonna get it but I personally don't think it will happen soon.
We'll see.
BTW: Hope we're gonna get another US nonstop soon.

Cheers, B737-700

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RE: STR Runway Extension

Sat Nov 25, 2000 1:47 am

any rumours if there could be some new transatlantic connections from STR?
I think, STR desperately needs a flight to New York (as Delta did), perhaps Delta will restart this flight?

But anyway, Franfurt and Munich aren't too far away either.


RE: STR Runway Extension

Sat Nov 25, 2000 3:06 am

Yes FRA , MUC and ZRH are the problems of STR because it it's almost in the center of these 3 hub cities.
I have no clue about any furthe transatlantics from STR but I'd hope for either NYC, or ORD.
I think both would work well.