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New Rules For Airlines Operating Into The UK

Sat Nov 25, 2000 12:40 am

The UK Government has ruled that "add ons" are no longer permitted. The Government has banned the "sum, of sectors" rule which allows airlines to add on big internal fares to long haul flights, even if the flight is going direct. eg for Continental, although they operate direct from GLA to EWR, they charge a price which is equal to that of the airlines which route passengers GLA-LHR-EWR. In other words, airlines have been forming cartels to keep the total price inclusive of the internal UK price. Smaller airlines seeking to offer lower fares from so called "regional" airports to the US for example, have been denied approval by the CAA. But this protectionist practice has been outlawed and now airlines can charge what they like. It could lead to airports such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle etc developing a new range of international flights as lower cost carriers move in.

Hopefully this will lead to a nice crop of new routes.