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Airports At Moscow

Mon Nov 27, 2000 6:13 am

Why does Sheremetyov seem to be the only one used? Is there really need for 3 full sized airports at Moscow?
Also, is there really need for 3 airports in Berlin? Frankfurt seems to be far more popular. Doesn't that need another runway?

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RE: Airports At Moscow

Mon Nov 27, 2000 7:26 am

Hello Max,

1 Example: Eastline Airlines fly CGN - STR - DME

Berlin has got 3 Airports: TXL, THF and SXF

SXF was the Airport of DDR in Berlin
THF was the Airport of BRD in Berlin a long time ago.
But (perhaps you know it) it´s not a big airport, and due to that TXL was built.

Today, TXL has no capacity anymore, as most flights ex Berlin were served from TXL and the Airport is to small for 3 Mio. inhabitants.

The most charter-flights and flights into east (Russia, Ukraine etc.) are served from SXF. Further SXF is the only Airport with no limits on flying at night.

THF is more central. It´s often used by people who make business trips.

Every Airport here has got his advantage! Also, I don´t know, why you´ve got a problem with much airports!

But good news for you:
There are plans to close THF in a few years.
SXF will be extended to "Airport Berlin Brandenburg" and when it´s ready, TXL will be closed too. "Berlin Brandenburg" will be the only Airport in Berlin.

best regards,

RE: Frankfurt

Mon Nov 27, 2000 7:35 am

Doesn't FRA only have two parrallel runways?

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RE: Frankfurt

Mon Nov 27, 2000 7:43 am

Frankfurt has got 3 runways, all with a length of 4000m.

There are 2 parallel runways (25/07) for take off and landing (no parallel take off and landings possible as they are to close together).

The third runway (18) can only be used for take off.

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RE: Airports At Moscow

Tue Nov 28, 2000 3:40 am

Sheremetyevo terminal 2 was built in late 70's to be used for international flights only. Other airports (Sheremetyevo 1, Domodedovo, Vnukovo, as well as smaller Bykovo) were domestic only, and there even was no internal transfer in Sheremetyevo from terminal 1 to 2 (now they have a bus connection inside the airfield, so the transit passengers don't have to pass passport control and don't need Russian visa). Currently Sheremetyevo 1 and Vnukovo (and probably the others too) are used for both Russian domestic and CIS flights while Sheremetyevo 2 is still the only "real" (non-CIS) international airport. The others are (or at least were 5 years ago) too badly designed for international service.