Automated Upgrades

Mon Nov 27, 2000 11:03 am

Any elite members of CO/NW frequent flyer program should know this.

Once I get upgraded through the automated system, will I get notified at home or will they just tell me at the airport?

Thank you for information.
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RE: Automated Upgrades

Mon Nov 27, 2000 11:10 am

Theoretically, you should receive an email with the info, but it rarely if ever works that way.

I usually call to confirm that the upgrades went through while on my way to the airport. Since they introduced the system I am 12 for 12 on upgrades, even though one of 'em only came at the airport.

Alternatively, on NW code itineraries, you can pull your itin up on the web at or on a WAP enabled phone and verify the upgrades.
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