TAM's New Traffic Rights

Tue Nov 28, 2000 5:36 am

In the following artivle on Yahoo news it is mentioned that TAM gained traffic rights to destionations in Germany, Spain, Uruguay and Argentina. Does anybody know if the flights to Germany have started yet? Which city do they want to serve, Frankfurt? Any info is appreciated!


Friday November 24, 4:13 pm Eastern Time

Varig, TAM split Brazil's internationl flights market

RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov 24 (Reuters) - Brazil's flagship carrier Varig and one of its closest competitors TAM
are ending this year dominating nearly all of the international flights market, aviation authority said Friday.

The Civil Aviation Department said in a report the two airlines this year won a total of 63 international routes.

TAM has won 43 and Varig only 20 routes.

``TAM and Varig are really dividing this market and the winner this time is TAM, which is going to get a good jump,'' said Christian Klemt, an air
transport analyst with Solidus brokerage, referring to distribution of licenses this year.

TAM, which used to have only four routes flying to Paris and Miami, has gained several new international destinations. It can now also operate
flights to Spain, Germany, Argentina and Uruguay.

Some of the licenses obtained by TAM and Varig had been previously operated by other companies, mainly Brazil's struggling No. 2 airline Vasp

Vasp is focusing on the regional market in its push to overcome financial problems. Vasp has completely gone off the international routes this year.

Another airline from Brazil's top four -- Transbrasil -- has only insignificant presence there.

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