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A346 Weight & Balance

Wed Nov 29, 2000 2:36 am

I have the A346 prototype photo set as a screen saver and I have just realised why it looks a little "different".

The very long forward fuselage compared with the rear fuselage is what I would expect on a rear engined aircraft, not a wing mounted 4 engine craft.

I wounder how the weight of structure, passengers, freight etc, will be balanced by the tail without a large downward moment, which will inevitabley make the aircraft less efficient than it could be.

Now Airbus must have something as basic as this covered, so I wounder what I am missing here.

Does anyone have any comments?

Thanks, Ruscoe.
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RE: A346 Weight & Balance

Wed Nov 29, 2000 3:00 am

actually when i saw the prototypein TLS last Friday, this was the first question that crossed my mind,,, gosh.. doing the loadsheet for htis bird means a lot of fun.

The main problem will be if you have little business and first class pax at a full coach cabin, with only little fuel! then the bird will get damn tail heavy.
If iam not mistaken the A340 has fueltanks in the stabilizers (the A313 has this tehcnology) and there are several fuel pumbs that keep pumping the fule between the main tanks (central and wing) and the tail as to achieve the best point of gravity during different stages of flight.

This remindes me of the most critical loadsheets i use dot see: DC8-63 Cargo!