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Egypt Air Has Tu-204 Service!

Wed Nov 29, 2000 2:14 pm

I read my pocket Flight Guide European of Dec 2000 issue. Egypt Air flies on TU-204 from Cairo to Moscow, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor and Hurghada. I tried to find photo in the database to see what is look like. There is no photo yet. Nobody is taking photo yet. If anyone is going to trip any of these cities and please try to take picture of them. Please put database asap or future. I'd like to see it. Very interesting!


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RE: Egypt Air Has Tu-204 Service!

Wed Nov 29, 2000 3:18 pm

Hi Big777jet,

very interesting! have checked Amadeus, there are some TU204 flights flying as MS (MS153 CAI to Hurghada in days 2,5,6.

I guess that this is the TU204 of Air Cairo flying as a charter for Egyptair beacuse i never heared that MS has purchased TU204. So it might not even flying in the colors of MS.


RE: Egypt Air Has Tu-204 Service!

Wed Nov 29, 2000 3:31 pm

G'day guys

The Tu-204 is in fact one of three Air Cairo Tu-204s. They are operated for Egyptair on some domestic flights.

I know this because a buddy here in Perth has just gotten back from Egypt and was lucky enough to have a flight on one from Aswan back to Cairo, which is where I obtain this from.

Air Cairo Tu-204 safetycard