Anyone Knows What Happened @ Sxm?

Wed Nov 29, 2000 11:44 pm

Hello everyone.

Looking at the most recent pictures taken at SXM it makes me wonder what happened at Maho beach. The beach area right behind the airport where you stand right below the aircraft's fuesalage as it lands has been turned into rocks. Why did they do this? Did they do it for the safety of the tourists? Or some kind of incident happened where they had to do this.

I wanted to show you what I mean by posting a photo. I tried to look for the photo ID that is supposedly above the image but did not see one. Therefore I'm just going to tell you how to go get it. It's an Air France 742SUD tail number is F-BTDH & the picture was taken in 9/00.

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RE: Anyone Knows What Happened @ Sxm?

Thu Nov 30, 2000 12:24 am

Huh ????

Yes, what happened to the sand ??????, It is the same beach right ???

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