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Plastic Vs. Glass

Thu Nov 30, 2000 7:10 am

Its my understanding that the FAA requires all beverages served on the ground (aboard a commerical plane) to be in plastic. My dad has flown on National Airlines in F several times, and insists that they offer pre-flight drinks in real glasses. I'm curious as to whether there are any National F/As here who could explain how they are able to do this. Is it possible that the glasses really plastic, but made to look like glass?

RE: Plastic Vs. Glass

Thu Nov 30, 2000 7:23 am

hmmmm....I do believe this is correct. In both business and first I have been served beverages in plastic before take off, and also, just prior to landing have had my beverage transferred from glass to plastic (on UAL and BA). I'll ask my brother, who is a FA for United.
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RE: Plastic Vs. Glass

Thu Nov 30, 2000 7:46 am

I just went through Int'l training yesterday at DL and we used to serve beverages in glasses during boarding. It is an F.A.R. that glasses are not to be used for onground beverage service. Your dad's experience on Nat'l may very well be that he was served and given a glass. They are in violation of F.A.R.'s by doing so, but I wouldn't doubt that the Nat'l people either don't know about this rule, or that particular flight crew was unaware about the rule either.

RE: Plastic Vs. Glass

Sun Dec 03, 2000 11:53 am

I work at National and have never heard of that FAR, which one is it?? Could you email me a copy of it??

Drew =)
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RE: Plastic Vs. Glass

Sun Dec 03, 2000 4:24 pm

What is the deal here? Why are they to be served in Glass?
Whats the rule for? I dont get it?

I flew Qantas J class a few weeks ago, and I swear I had a drink on the ground in a glass made of glass?

Can someone explain please
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RE: Ansett767

Sun Dec 03, 2000 4:29 pm

It must be something that applies only to U.S. based carriers. Certainly out of LAX on Qantas, First and Business get their champagne in real glass (thank god)
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RE: Plastic Vs. Glass

Mon Dec 04, 2000 10:40 am

roght but can SOMEONE PLEASE answer the question as to why glass is banned on the ground but not in the sky?

It would make sense if it were the other way round though!



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