New National Innovations

Thu Nov 30, 2000 8:22 pm

In the National Comps Connection(Frequent Flyer) newsletter I got, there are some new improvements.

1) What people have been saying are true, in that there is testing going on with the soda 'fountain' beverage cart.

2) Now you can redeem points for National upgrades, no matter how far in advance you book. If you are using cash, credit, or check, you can get upgrades 72 hours in advance for regular Comps members, and 7 days in advance for CompsVIP.

3) The one I'm most excited about. In first class on the LAS-PHL flights, they will soon start testing personal DVD players.

National: Everything's Better Up Here.

PS: Drewinflight/anyone who knows: Is the soda fountain like a beer tap, or like a soda fountain that you'd see in a 7-11/McDonald's(Or something else completely?)?