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Websites And LAX-SYD

Fri Dec 01, 2000 6:17 am

I have two questions. The first one being different airline manufacturers websites. i know www.boeing.com and www.airbus.com i would like to knwo some more to look at. The second question. I am going from LAX to SYD in the summer and was wondering how full are the flights on these routes. also i would like to know how full flights are from LAX to different asia rim countries like s. korea and japan. thanks is advice!!!
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RE: Websites And LAX-SYD

Fri Dec 01, 2000 9:29 am

1. Use a directory like Yahoo -- it should be a good start.

2. Flights from LAX to the destinations you describe are usually completely full during peak travel seasons (holidays). Outside of those times, it's not so bad, since there are a lot of flights to those places.
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RE: Websites And LAX-SYD

Fri Dec 01, 2000 10:28 am

United Airlines flights from Los Angeles-Sydney/Melbourne/Auckland in the summer are usually not that full, yet still over 50% load factors. For some reason, it is the return flights (SYD-LAX) that are usually booked right up to capacity. The Transpacific flights from LAX-HKG/NRT and others are usually very much oversold.
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RE: Websites And LAX-SYD

Fri Dec 01, 2000 11:12 am

If you choose to fly Qantas from Los Angeles to Sydney let me know!
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RE: Websites And LAX-SYD

Fri Dec 01, 2000 3:40 pm

Flights to other Pacific rim cities are usually oversold during high season period such as summer and christmas. Air tickets have to be purchased at least a month before departure. Air fares also go up about 50% during the high seasons. In fact, there are many fully loaded 747 flying to cities such as HKG, NRT, KIX, TPE, SIN, KUL, BKK and so forth.

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