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SIA Order For B777

Fri Dec 01, 2000 6:17 pm

I remember back in 1995, SIA's huge order for 77 Boeing 777s. Of the 77, 34 were on firm order. The first 777 (9V-SQA) arrived back in April 1997 and since then only 18 777s have been delivered (13 -200 and 5 -300. SIA made such a big deal about the order so why have they taken so long to take delivery?
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RE: SIA Order For B777

Fri Dec 01, 2000 6:45 pm

A good question!! I don't know the answer to it but I know that they will take delivery of a lot of 777s in the next year. The777Man
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RE: SIA Order For B777

Fri Dec 01, 2000 6:59 pm

Quite some of them were actually ordered by SALE. A leasing enterprise owned by SIA, or something like that. I can immagine that several of the ordered 777's are flying with other airliners since SALE is not an exclussive leasing enterprise for SIA.
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RE: SIA Order For B777

Fri Dec 01, 2000 7:18 pm

quite some of the 777 with ek are leased from SALE