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Profitable Alliances

Sat Dec 02, 2000 6:05 am

Can anyone tell me ,which airline, or airlines, have already made profit from just being part of a Star-alliance or Oneworld? I myself think none..

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RE: Profitable Alliances

Sat Dec 02, 2000 8:15 am

These alliances have so many different carriers with a lot of route overlap, I find it hard to find any definative winners amongst the smaller players of these alliances. Mexicana seems to have done well for itself, but not quite as prosperous as its neighbor Aeromexico. The only winners involved in an alliance seems to be the Skyteam Alliance comprised of Air France ( which is recording monster profits ), Aeromexico, Korean and Delta. Since the dissolution of the Atlantic Excellence alliance which included SR, OS, SN, SQ and DL, the three European carriers have run into a profit crunch. Whether it had anything to do with SR buying everything in sight (catering ops, and other airlines) is a matter of record keeping. SR side operations are making more than the airline's ops.
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RE: Profitable Alliances

Sat Dec 02, 2000 8:18 am

Will Aeroflot join "Skyteam?
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RE: Profitable Alliances

Sun Dec 03, 2000 1:23 am

I think the Northwest-KLM alliance is very profitable. It
is also the oldest between a US airline and a European
carrier. Northwest-Continental adds about $150 million
to each carrier's bottom line, which is why both airlines
are willing to smoothen out their relationship problems.

The Star Alliance is said to be profitable too. Oneworld
could be more, if BA and AA could coordinate their US
London flights, but that is not likely to happen just yet.

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RE: Profitable Alliances

Sun Dec 03, 2000 10:32 am

Air NewZealand and Ansett are doing very well with themselves in the Star Alliance. They have had great profits already and they are continuing to get higher and higher each year.
Thai is also generating alot of profit from the Star Aloliance.
I personally think that one world will soon crumble as they cannot co-ordinate their schedules probably.
They also don't have a pacific market i.e. Star Alliance have AirNZ which basically owns the pacific.

I theink not Aeroflot will join the skyteam!! Not until they get their airline up to scraps with others such as Korean Air and Air France. These airlines are top airlines in the world and donot want there alliance to crumble. I also think Skyteam members are very profitable with Korean Air serving the Asian market. AirFrance serving the European/ United Kingdom region. Delta serving the americas and Aeromexico serving Sout America.
The sky team deserve every success possible.
Good Luck.