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Northwest Airlines 747-400

Tue Mar 30, 1999 11:51 am

Northwest Airlines took delivery of there 11th Boeing 747-400 at Boeing Feild in Seattle. Northwest Airlines will also take delivery of three more 747-400 aircraft this year. Also Northwest Airlines has more 757-200's on order.

Northwest Airlines will use the 747-400 for Pacific routes from Detroit, Minneapolios, Seattle and Los Angeles and routes beyond it's Tokyo-Narita Hub. Northwest Airlines said it plans to add new routes in Asia they said that at the delivery ceremony in Seatle also said they see the Asian economy crisis ending soon. Northwest Airline now has 32 Boeing 747 aircraft including the 747-100, 747-200 and 747-400 and has a couple of 747 freighter aircraft.

Northwest Airlines and Boeing workers took part in the delivery ceromony in Seattle today.

I will say that the Northwest Airlines livery looks really fine with the 747-400. My dad took pictures (He was at the ceremony) and will send them to me. I am trying to get alot of pictures I got to airliners.net ASAP.

Farhan Ali. Newport Beach, California

RE: Northwest Airlines 747-400

Tue Mar 30, 1999 3:05 pm

Last week I saw that Aircraft out on the tarmac at Boeing when I was in Seattle and took the Boeing tour. I just thought that was interesting and I think I even might have a pic of it.

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RE: Northwest 747-400 And 757

Wed Mar 31, 1999 7:17 am

Northwest was the launch customer for the Boeing 747-400. They ordered initially 10 of them, all fitted with Pratt & Whitney 4056 engines. The first batch of 10 has been already delivered, an order for an additional 4 airplanes was eventually placed. Like you said, the first of those four has just been delivered so right now they have 11 and 3 more on order. They were the first airline to take delivery of it back in 1989 when they still had the old colour scheme. In fact when Northwest's first 747-400 got out of the factory in Everett it was in the old scheme although they had just unveiled the new scheme. Northwest really should order the 747-400F, they don't have any do they?
Also, Northwest was an early customer for the Boeing 757, I think that the first one was already delivered in the mid 1980's. All of Northwest 757's (except those inherited from Republic after the merger, there were only a few) are fitted with Pratt & Whitney 2037 engines. They still have some of those on order like you said.

Ben Soriano
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