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Air Canada/Canadian

Sun Dec 03, 2000 5:57 am

Does anyone know what will AC do with the business class on Canadian's 747 and 767. Will they change them to Executive First or just leave them as they are.

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RE: Air Canada/Canadian

Sun Dec 03, 2000 11:35 am

That is a very good question, I don't think anyone knows that yet.
My best guess would be that they will put together some kind of improved service for the whole Air Canada with such things as new seats in Business (maybe bring back first class for international flights)
I think they might get PTV's for the whole aircraft as well.
Any changes done in the cabins well start once the employee issues are solved, and everything is completly merged.
This is my opinion, and best guess

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RE: Air Canada/Canadian

Sun Dec 03, 2000 12:57 pm

AC recently introduced enhanced Executive First seats that are red and really nice. I assume this will be the standard for the new combined airline
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RE: Air Canada/Canadian

Sun Dec 03, 2000 11:54 pm

I think that AC should re-name Exec-First into Emperess Class just like it was on CPair..... It gives it more of a regal image....Exec-First just doesn't sound interesting......
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