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Airport Jobs And Stories

Thu Dec 07, 2000 3:58 am

This is for all of you guys out there who work at airports all around the world.

I'm wondering what kinds of jobs you people do. What kinds of interesting stories go on at your work. I work as a ramp agent at YYZ and have loads of stories that would make you think twice about travelling. Don't get me wrong, they are not safety concerns but rather nuissances passengers can experience. Working outside, you don't really experience the passenger side of things but I have seen passengers get arrested, refuse to board planes, medical emergencies etc. This list goes on and on. Have you ever heard of the buzzing bags? You really have to work at the airport to understand some of the issues we people have to deal with every day.

Share some of you jobs and stories, I'm sure many of us here would like to hear them.

Regards Darryl