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Orgasms Inflight

Thu Apr 01, 1999 4:57 am


Got your attention! Hah! Now seriously, what i really want to know about is hush kits. Does anybody know the web site of some hush kit manufacturers and how much do the bloody things cost. I am interested in 727s,
but all hush kits are of interest, including the JT3Ds kits.

I have some ideas and need aircraft!

Thankyou and have a pleasent flight
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RE: Orgasms Inflight

Thu Apr 01, 1999 5:02 am

I know Rohr Industries and Valsan where both very big in that market out there but both of them are no longer in buisness. Fed-Ex developed a hush kit for their 727 freighter fleet and market it to outside companies. I have seen their aids in Aviation Week before. Sorry I can't come up with any addresses.

About the title. Don't scare us like that. For a second I thought you where going to ask if there was a solo rating for the mile high club.........Just kidding!!!!:)
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RE: Orgasms Inflight

Thu Apr 01, 1999 5:11 am

What is hush kit?????

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RE: Orgasms Inflight

Thu Apr 01, 1999 5:20 am

Try;;, for now. BFGoodrich Aerospace has the Super 27 re-engining program and their phone number is 1-888-764-7727 (Rohr727) but they don't show a web address. As I find other web sites for hush kits or stage III conversions, I'll forward them to you.
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They Serve That?

Thu Apr 01, 1999 9:13 am

FedEx as mentioned creates hushkits and
could be hurt by the EU. But on the other hand
what does the EU know any ways!

RE: Orgasms Inflight

Thu Apr 01, 1999 3:25 pm

Do you have noisy inflight orgasms ? How or where do you need to apply a hushkit ? I didn't quite follow you ... ;)