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Giant Panda's Fly FedEx MD-11's

Thu Dec 07, 2000 11:36 am

Two Panda's from China arrived by Federal Express MD-11 to Washington DC, to their new home at the National Zoo today.
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Mei Xiang, a 2-year-old female, and Tian Tian, a 3-year-old male - arrived Wednesday at the National Zoo after a flight in a specially equipped jet dubbed ``Panda One'' that was decorated with huge pictures of the pandas on the outside. Just curious, did anybody catch a glimpse of this event. Also, has anybody on this forum worked in the live animals tansportation unit of a cargo airline? What's it like ferrying panda's on a 17 hour trip.
There is more on this at Yahoo News.

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RE: Giant Panda's Fly FedEx MD-11's

Thu Dec 07, 2000 12:32 pm

Hopefully, somebody was there to take shots of it. I would love to see what the aircraft looked like up close. Funny isn't it? UPS flies the Pandas to Atlanta, and FedEx to D.C.

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