Sat Dec 09, 2000 3:32 am

1997 novair start. The bought three L1011 Tristart and two years later they were selling them and bought A330-220. Why didn´t they bought A330-200 at the start.

The Tristars Wear To Old!

Sat Dec 09, 2000 4:17 am

Hi !
I think Swissair didnt want the A330-200 from FlightLease so Novair to there chanse and leased them for a good prise. From the start Novair made an order fore A330 with RR engine, but later they to the PW engines.

Premiair and its old fleet have given the old planes a bad PR after lots of delays so most of the Novair and Premiair fleet are today much yunger with A330 and A320 and in Novair fleet B737-800.

Nima in Sweden !
Novair makes some 20 test flights every week to our small tows airport !
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RE: The Tristars Wear To Old!

Sat Dec 09, 2000 4:34 am

A330-200 wasn't available until mid-1998 when Canada 3000 took delivery of the first one.
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RE: The Tristars Wear To Old!

Sat Dec 09, 2000 4:47 am

very simple, A332 is a very good a/c to fly. it's ranked the first by investors. A332 are medium-long range a/c with pax capacity around 300 (depends on configurations). A332 is advanced, modern and fuel efficient for most medium to long range routes with medium level of traffic. A332 is an ideal to replace older B763ER, MD11, DC10-40 and L-1011. A332 is mostly used for trans-atlantic routes and other long-haul low traffic routes.

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