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Delta 757 Engine Fire!

Sat Dec 09, 2000 11:45 pm

A Delta Air Lines flight was aborted on takeoff at San Francisco International Airport when one engine caught fire, officials said. No injuries were reported on the Los Angeles bound plane.

Flight 1877 from San Francisco to Los Angeles was accelerating for takeoff Thursday evening when "the captain had an indication of fire in the right engine," said Delta spokeswoman Cindi Kurczewski.

The Boeing 757 was carrying 79 passengers and seven crew members.

She said the captain aborted the takeoff and put the fire out with the plane's fire suppression system.

The plane returned to the gate under its own power and the passengers were placed on another plane for the short flight south. The plane was to be inspected to determine the cause of the fire.

What's with all of the incidents lately? There sure has been a lot!
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RE: Delta 757 Engine Fire!

Sun Dec 10, 2000 12:27 am

probably just as many as normal, but now the media is over playing everything.